How do I cancel my hosting account?

These instructions are only for Earth Girl Hosting clients.



Canceling a hosting service will terminate your website and erase it from our servers. This includes all website content, databases, images, and email. Your site will no longer be available after the termination is complete. You'll need to be sure that you have a backup on your local computer should you ever need these files in the future. Backups left on the server will eventually be deleted upon termination.


If you need to log in to cPanel at any time, view our documentation.



We do not keep a backup of terminated files. You cannot "turn it back on" later unless you made a full backup and saved it to your computer. This is something that you'd need to do on your end. It will create a file that you'll download and save to your computer.

Here are our own quick instructions for making a backup:

If you prefer cPanel's own instructions, they can be found at the following link:



Did you know that you can sell your website and have another owner take it over? Reach hundreds of thousands of qualified buyers by listing your site for sale. We'll even give you a hosting discount while your site is listed. Services like help you buy and sell websites. Let us know if you need more information.



Don't request cancellation on your hosting account or you'll have nothing to transfer. The new owner can continue using your website and your hosting with us. Click I Sold My Site for instructions.



If you're looking to pay a little less, you may be able to downgrade your account. Click Downgrade My Account for instructions. If there's no other plan available, contact our Billing department to discuss alternative plans that may work for you. Also, check out our blog post to learn how to lower your ecommerce monthly fees!



Unless you choose the cancellation at end of billing period option, this action is NOT REVERSIBLE.

  1. Open your client area in a new window to list your products & services. Alternatively, if you're already in the client area, click Services > My Services.
  2. Click the "Active" or "Suspended" button to the right of the account you'd like to cancel.
  3. Click "Request Cancellation" in the sidebar.
  4. Enter a brief comment to share your reason and what we can do to improve.
  5. Tick the box stating that you'd like to cancel your next domain renewal. Untick it to keep your domain so that you can renew it. You can still transfer it whether it's ticked or not. Learn how to cancel your domain name.
  6. Choose the "Cancellation Type".
  7. Click "Request Cancellation".

We will then receive your cancellation request. All cancellations are processed automatically based on your cancellation type.

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